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Terry Liberator Y

Terry Liberator Y
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With hundreds of thousands on the road, the Liberator has earned its reputation as one of the most comfortable saddles for men. We recommend it to those experiencing a variety of comfort issues.

Lengthy rides or touring where body position is slightly more upright requires a saddle that's anatomically supportive and has a higher degree of comfort. We designed the Liberator Y with a wider rear for support of sit bones, a large cutaway through the center, and a relief channel off the back for pressure relief and airflow. Additionally, we shaped the back panel to reduce the points of stitching contact between you and your saddle.

- Black Dura-tek cover with black stitching
- Center cutaway with rear relief channel reduces contact points with soft tissue areas
- Length x width: 269mm x 173mm
- Weight: 433 grams; 15.3 ounces
- Rails: satin steel