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Bike Service

expert Repair & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and treat every person and bike that comes into our shop the same. Be it your old Trek touring bike that oozes with nostalgia but hasn’t seen the light of day for a decade, or the latest and greatest in cutting edge racing technology, our professional service team has years of experience servicing bikes of all shapes and sizes, and certifications from Barnett Bicycle Institute to back up their expertise. We will look over your bike while you’re here in our shop, invite you into the service pit to explain to you what we find to be the issue, communicate that to you clearly, answer any of your questions, and you will leave with an estimate on both cost of the repair and a timeline on how long your bike will be off the road or trail. Our service menu is listed below. All prices are labor only, parts and accessories are not included. Visit us today for more information.

service menu

1. ya sure


A little of this n’ dat - get it in safe enough shape to pedal, ya know!

2. you betcha


The “once over” - wheels, shifting, brakes, we’ll adjust them all.

3. mn nice


We go through everything and then some! Overhaul bearings n’ such.

4. uff da!!!


Spa day for your bike. Strip it down to the frame n' fork - build it up, good as new!