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Meet the Range VLT, with 180/170 mm of travel, made for riders who are into tackling rowdy terrain and then taking it up another notch into absolute beast mode. Whether riding up or down, the all-day battery means you don’t need to pick one trail; you can take them all. Range VLT shatters the standard e-MTB mold, poised to take you anywhere and everywhere. The fully integrated Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System is compact yet powerful, boasting 85Nm of torque and a 750Wh long-distance battery. With this combination of power and endurance, the Range VLT sets a new standard for capability, allowing you to tackle long distances and descend with confidence. Geometry Confidence upfront, paired with control to switch direction like never before. The geometry features size-specific rear centers, ensuring no compromise on kinematics. By incorporating size-specific chainstay lengths on the Range VLT frame and integrating mixed wheel sizes across all five frame sizes, weight balance and handling are optimized. Suspension The Range VLT places a priority on balance, providing riders with the confidence to push hard and trust the bike. Featuring an increased rearward axle path and an idler, the innovative VPSHP suspension layout is perfectly suited for more demanding terrain and riders seeking a bike that instills confidence as trails become more intense. New Technology The Bosch eBike Flow App, tailored specifically for Norco, seamlessly connects to the drive unit, battery, display, and control unit, assisting you in determining your optimal level of assist and range. Customize every ride mode to suit your preferences, adjusting torque, speed, dynamic output, and assist level as needed. Updates are effortlessly installed via Bluetooth, ensuring your bike remains up-to-date with new functions and features. VPShp Suspension Platform Designed around Norco’s VPSHP (Virtual Pivot Suspension | High Pivot) suspension layout, it increases rearward axle path to improve suspension performance in technical terrain, while retaining the dynamic and responsive feel that riders expect. Through extensive testing using an i-track configured idler location, anti-squat has been tuned for e?ciency and responsive feel under power. The idler mounted to the chainstay manages chain growth and pedal-kickback.
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